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  • What is alumina ceramic ball?
    Alumina ceramic ball is a kind of ceramic filler mainly processed and produced by alumina material. This kind of products have a variety of specifications, sizes and purity. It is used as the covering...
    Time:2022-04-22 Hits:145
  • How to use grinding beads correctly?
    It is mentioned above that how to select the appropriate grinding ball, and after we select the grinding ball, how to use it correctly, avoid the breakage of the grinding ball and prolong the service ...
    Time:2022-04-22 Hits:150
  • Type of sand mill and matching grinding beads
    Traditional horizontal rolling ball mill and vertical stirring ball mill are the original prototype of sand mill, and modern sand mill is developed on this basis. Ball mills continue to be used in som...
    Time:2022-04-21 Hits:139
  • How to choose zirconia beads and glass beads for grinding
    With the higher and higher requirements for the fineness of materials, the use of sand mills is becoming more and more common, and there are more grinding media in the market. How to choose a grinding...
    Time:2022-04-21 Hits:151
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