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  • What are the applications of zirconium silicate in billets?
    Zirconium silicate is a kind of composite oxide material with high melting point, chemical and phase. It is widely used in fire-resistant materials and zirconium based pigments. The zirconium silicate...
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  • What kinds of zirconia balls are there?
    Because the process of making zirconia balls is just like that of making dumplings. The flour itself is cohesive with water and can be directly rubbed into a ball. However, if it is a ball of sand, no...
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  • Application characteristics of zirconium silicate
    From the results of nano zirconium silicate used in the production of ceramics and functional materials, it has the following characteristics.(1) As a ceramic glaze additive, zirconium silicate improv...
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  • What are the main categories and industrial applications of alumina ceramic balls?
    There are mainly the following series:1. Inert alumina ceramic ball2. Alumina perforated ceramic ball3. Alumina ceramic ring4. Alumina wear-resistant ceramic ballIndustry application: alumina ceramic ...
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  • How to choose appropriate glass beads, zirconium beads or other grinding media?
    With the higher and higher requirements for the fineness of materials, the use of sand mills is becoming more and more common, and there are more grinding media in the market. How to choose a grinding...
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  • Types and functions of grinding media
    According to the shape of grinding medium, it can be divided into ball, column (segment) and rod. According to the material classification, it can be divided into carbon steel ball, stainless steel ba...
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