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What kinds of zirconia balls are there?

Category:Industry news Hits:145 Time:2022-04-22

Because the process of making zirconia balls is just like that of making dumplings. The flour itself is cohesive with water and can be directly rubbed into a ball. However, if it is a ball of sand, no matter how it is rubbed, it can not make a shape. However, if some mud is added, the sand can be rubbed into a shape, but the main role is "sand", so how to control the proportion of mud is the most important. More affects the performance and less affects the ball.

1. Yttrium stabilized zirconia beads

It is also known as 95 zirconia beads. After industry tests, 5% yttria is used as a stabilizer to assist the formation of zirconia, and the content of zirconia should be as high as possible, so the performance is stronger. Finally, it is found that the maximum content of zirconia can be 95%, and the remaining 5% is used as a stable material. After sintering, it is found that the performance is better than other types of zirconium beads, whether it is abrasion, slicing, hardness and toughness, which meet the requirements, And superior.

2. Cerium stabilized zirconia beads

This kind of zirconia bead with ceria as stabilizer has high density and is widely used to grind high viscosity materials, such as paper grinding, chemicals, pesticides, fuels, etc.