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Application characteristics of zirconium silicate

Category:Industry news Hits:153 Time:2022-04-22
From the results of nano zirconium silicate used in the production of ceramics and functional materials, it has the following characteristics.

(1) As a ceramic glaze additive, zirconium silicate improves whiteness, strength, wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance and corrosion resistance with the decrease of particle size in a certain range, enhances self-cleaning ability and reduces dosage.

(2) Because nano zirconium silicate powder has strong hydrolysis resistance, it can be used as the carrier of nano functional powder in aqueous environment. For example, the nano energy stone prepared by He Xiang company takes nano zirconium silicate as the carrier.

(3) Due to its strong oxidation resistance, nano zirconium silicate can be used as a surface coating agent for functional powders. For example, the red glaze of Chinese Red ceramics uses nano zirconium silicate as coating agent, which has a bright red color and does not fade.

(4) Due to the high strength and good wear resistance of nano zirconium silicate, nano zirconium silicate powder is a high-quality grinding medium and engineering ceramic raw material.