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Influence factors of grinding medium on grinding effect

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The grinding of materials by medium ultra-fine mill is realized by grinding mass transfer. The mechanical energy is transmitted to the grinding medium through the transmission mechanism, and the materials are crushed by various mechanical forces generated between the media. Therefore, the physical and chemical indexes and application process of grinding medium will directly affect the use effect of medium mill. In a sense, it is the key to the success of ultra-fine grinding process.

Relative density of grinding medium

The relative density will naturally vary greatly with different grinding medium materials. From the analysis of energy utilization, it seems that the medium with high relative density will have higher grinding efficiency, which is not the case in practice. Up to now, the relative density of grinding media commonly used in industry is in the range of 2.2 ~ 14g / cm3. It is generally considered that the selection of medium relative density is related to the viscosity of slurry.

The size of the medium, the contact points of the medium ball are many, and there are many opportunities for grinding materials. Generally speaking, the smaller the feeding particle size is, the smaller the product particle size is, the smaller the medium diameter is.

The medium shape is mainly; Spherical, columnar and irregular. The more the contact type of medium in relevant books changes, the narrower the particle size distribution of grinding products.

The contact of point, line and surface provided by cylindrical grinding medium produces a product particle size distribution that is higher than that in the middle of spherical and cylindrical. However, in industry, irregular media tend to be greatly worn by themselves, which will cause obvious pollution. Spherical medium is widely used in practice, and cylindrical medium is also used. As for unplanned medium, it is rarely used.

Medium sphericity and surface roughness

The artificial grinding medium is mostly spherical. When the shape of the medium ball is poor, the rotation movement is blocked, which is not conducive to crushing, but the wear increases.

The smoothness of the grinding medium is not good, the wear increases, and the pollution of the product increases, that is, the damage to the air hole, uneven surface and material surface is also large. For example, when manufacturing flake mica powder, aluminum powder slurry and aluminum powder slurry, special attention should be paid to the shape and surface roughness of mass transfer ball when selecting medium ball, because the flake surface does not want scratches and other damage.

Mechanical strength and chemical stability of dielectric spheres

The mechanical strength of dielectric ball refers to the compressive and impact resistance of dielectric ball under normal working conditions. For steel balls and cemented carbide balls, such problems generally do not exist, while glass balls and ceramic dielectric balls are very important.
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