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What are the characteristics of zirconium silicate?

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It has high refractive index of 1.93-2.01 and chemical stability. It is a high-quality and cheap opacifier. It is widely used in the production of various building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics and first-class handicraft ceramics. It has a wide range of application and a large amount of application in the processing and production of ceramic glaze. Zirconium silicate is widely used in ceramic production because of its good chemical stability, so it is not affected by the ceramic firing atmosphere, and can significantly improve the bonding performance of ceramic green glaze and improve the hardness of ceramic glaze. Zirconium silicate has also been further applied in the production of color picture tubes in TV industry, emulsified glass and enamel glaze in glass industry. Zirconium silicate has a high melting point of 2500 ℃, so it is also widely used in refractories, zirconium ramming materials for glass kilns, castables and spraying coatings.

When high-performance zirconium silicate has the conditions of whitening and stability, its properties in zirconium silicate powder, particle morphology, particle size range, dispersion in medium and turbid segregation after brick or glaze application are better than those of conventional zirconium silicate.

The whitening effect of zirconium silicate is due to the formation of oblique zircon after ceramic firing, which scatters the incident light wave. This scattering is generally called large particle scattering or Mie scattering. Combined with the theoretical calculation and the actual situation of powder production, the D50 value of high-performance zirconium silicate is controlled below 1.4um and D90 is controlled below 4.0um (subject to the measured value of laser particle analyzer made in Japan), which will produce the best milky whitening effect. In the whitening effect of zirconium silicate, the concentrated particle size range is very important. It is required to achieve the narrow distribution of particles as much as possible in the grinding process of zirconium silicate.
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