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The role of zirconium silicate in glaze?

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1. Zirconium silicate is a kind of white or gray white powder without poison and taste. The raw material is natural high-purity zircon sand concentrate, which is processed through ultra-fine grinding, iron removal, titanium processing, surface modification and other processes. It is a good and cheap ceramic glaze opacifier, whitening agent, anti-seepage agent and stabilizer.

2. Zirconium silicate is widely used in the production of various building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics and first-class handicraft ceramics. Among them, it is widely used and widely used in the processing and production of ceramic glaze. Because the chemical stability of zirconium silicate is relatively good, it will not be affected by the ceramic firing atmosphere, and can improve the bonding performance of ceramic green glaze and improve the hardness of ceramic glaze.

3. Zirconium silicate can also play a whitening role in ceramic glaze, because zirconium silicate will form oblique zircon after ceramic firing, so it can scatter the incident light wave, so as to achieve the function of opacification and whitening.

4. This scattering is generally called large particle scattering or Mie scattering. If the D50 value of high-performance zirconium silicate is controlled below 1.4um and D90 is controlled below 4.0um, it will produce a good milky whitening effect.

5. In order to make the whitening effect of zirconium silicate better, the centralized particle size range is very important. Therefore, in the grinding process of zirconium silicate, the narrow distribution of particles should be achieved as much as possible.

6. Zirconium silicate is also often used in the production of color picture tubes in TV industry, emulsified glass and enamel glaze in glass industry. Zirconate has a high melting point, about 2500 ℃, so it is also widely used in refractories, zirconium ramming materials for glass kilns, castables and spraying coatings.
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