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Introduction of zirconia beads

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Zirconia beads are now popular abrasives for material dispersion and grinding. Now, the grinding of lithium iron phosphate, MLCC, coating, lithium battery anode and cathode and carbon black all rely on Sano zirconia beads.

The grinding particle size is thousands of times. For example, 0.1mm zirconia beads can be ground to 0.1 microns, that is, 100 nm, 0.05mm zirconia beads can be ground to 0.05 microns, that is, 50 nm. Up to now, the smallest is 0.03mm, that is, 30 nm. This is a blessing for inkjet ink, and the risk of plug during printing is greatly reduced. Therefore, for many substances, the finer the grinding means the improvement of performance.
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