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Application of zirconia beads in ultra clean coal fuel liquid processing

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Ultra clean coal fuel liquid is made of ultra clean coal with ash content less than 1%, which can be used as the fuel of direct injection coal-fired engine after micronization and grinding. The sand mill is used as the grinding equipment for industrial production of ultra clean coal fuel liquid in China, and the ultra clean coal fuel liquid with qualified particle size is obtained.

Ultra clean fuel liquid is a slurry made of ultra clean fuel with ash content less than 1% through micronization and grinding, mixed with deionized water and dispersant. As the fuel of direct combustion engine, it can be used in power generation and transportation industries

In 2000, Felix company of Australia carried out the research work of ultra clean technology and carried out the pilot study of dry power level. In 2009, Kezhou coal industry jindalia Co., Ltd. (Jane in jieqizhuzhou) acquired the same leaf of Philippine Jingxin company, and its ultra clean technical intellectual property rights. In 2013, coal filling Australia and the Australian Federal Academy of Sciences became the fuel liquid to run on the diesel engine test platform. The test shows that the engine is in good operation. It is really ready to open the commercial direct injection micro coal engine with Kaimin micro liquid instead of diesel. Technical conditions 1

In 2015, based on domestic coal resources, chongkuang group introduced the ultra clean coal and ultra clean coal fuel liquid processing technology to China to carry out relevant research work, and became the experimental research of ultra clean coal and ultra clean coal fuel liquid, and obtained the ultra clean coal fuel liquid product on the right of Taiwan. In 2021, the test of a coal-fired engine with ultra clean will be carried out.

The micro liquid processing of Xiangjing is a physical process, mainly including grinding pressure speed and Weitai. The grinding process is to process a super clean raw material into particles with an average starting diameter of 20-30pm through Yingshu. Affected by a super clean production method, it is necessary to add alkaline solution to adjust the dissolution to neutral. The grinding process should be controlled far less than 50 ℃

Pressure filtration is the dehydration process of ultra clean coal particles. The solid content tray of filter cake after jade filtration is less than 50%. The mixing table is to mix ultra clean certain micro pull, no high seed water and add it into the mixing well list according to the value of process parameters to mix the well at high speed into ultra clean medium fast liquid. The mill with a dryness of more than 12000mpa * s * 2 under the condition of shear rate of 0.01 is mainly composed of the main parts of the shape mill. The grinding parts are divided into high parts, material box feeding parts, power drive components, control and operation parts Refer to Fig. 8 for components such as cooling belt and large parts). The main part is a framework assembly platform that connects all the learning parts of the equipment into a working body, mainly including the grinding parts such as the frame, the single quarter seat, the shield and the foundation, the working cavity parts assembly platform for processing and grinding the materials, and the sub supplier parts of the material department can effectively divide the high grinding medium and materials, and the high flow and high ring do not want to be blocked. It has the characteristics of slight blockage and is very convenient to clean without dismantling the grinding cylinder and end cover.
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