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What are the different types of zirconia beads according to their composition?

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1. Zirconium silicate beads

Zirconium silicate beads are a little yellow, and the price is relatively lower than other types of zirconia beads. Because of the high silicon content, the cost is relatively low.

The content of zirconia is 65%, the content of silicon oxide reaches 35% to 39%, and the bulk specific gravity is relatively low, which is 2.6g/cm3

The common size of zirconium silicate beads is 0.6-15mm.

Application Industry: grinding of gold, silver, nickel, zinc and lead ore, paint, coating, pigment and ink, heavy calcium, zirconium silicate and titanium dioxide.

2. Zirconium aluminum composite beads

Zirconium aluminum composite beads are added with alumina, in which the content of zirconia is about 35% and alumina is 50% to 60%.

The density is up to 5g / cm3, and the bulk specific gravity is 3.1g/cm3

Advantages: when grinding heavy calcium, the whiteness is significantly improved.
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